Material Handling Equipment

We have emerged as a leading company engaged in Supplier, Distributor, Trader, Wholesaler and Service Provider of Material Handling Equipment. Our products range are includes Indef Wire Rope Electric Hoist, Indef Trollies & Indef Chain Electric Hoist. Our in-depth engineering process knowledge and services of experienced team also allow us in flawlessly handling the in-process demand.



Industrial Cylinders

Industrial Pumps

INDEF Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Pulley Blocks

Industrial Sling

Three Leg SlingGet Quotation

Three Leg Sling

Polyester SlingsGet Quotation

Polyester Slings

Multi Leg SlingsGet Quotation

Multi Leg Slings

Four Leg SlingGet Quotation

Four Leg Sling

System Components

Chain Electric Hoist

Lifting Products

Eye HookGet Quotation

Eye Hook

Chain ConnectorGet Quotation

Chain Connector

Turn BucklesGet Quotation

Turn Buckles

Manila Rope Pulley Block

Industrial Trolleys

Get Quotation

Get Quotation

Get Quotation

DSL System

Shrouded Bus BarGet Quotation

Shrouded Bus Bar

Trailing Cable SystemGet Quotation

Trailing Cable System

Crane FestoonGet Quotation

Crane Festoon

Industrial Hoist

Higher Lift HoistGet Quotation

Higher Lift Hoist

Wire HoistGet Quotation

Wire Hoist

Construction Cranes

EOT CranesGet Quotation

EOT Cranes

Jib CraneGet Quotation

Jib Crane

HOT CranesGet Quotation

HOT Cranes

Wire Rope Pulley Block

Bolt Stretching Devices

Industrial Cranes

Steel Wire Rope

Industrial Manipulators

Speed HoistGet Quotation

Speed Hoist

Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic JackGet Quotation

Hydraulic Jack

Industrial JackGet Quotation

Industrial Jack

Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Industrial Conductors

Multi Purpose Rope

Polypropylene RopeGet Quotation

Polypropylene Rope

Manila RopeGet Quotation

Manila Rope

Hydraulic Pullers

Hydraulic PullersGet Quotation

Hydraulic Pullers

Rerailing Equipment

Rerailing EquipmentGet Quotation

Rerailing Equipment

Hydraulic Leg Puller

Hydraulic Leg PullerGet Quotation

Hydraulic Leg Puller

Light Profile Systems

Torque Wrench

Industrial Winches

Motorised WinchGet Quotation

Motorised Winch

Steel Mill Duty Crane

Steel Mill Duty CraneGet Quotation

Steel Mill Duty Crane

Floor Operated Stacker

Automated Retrieval System

Floor Operated Stacker Cranes

Roll Out Racks

Roll Out RacksGet Quotation

Roll Out Racks

Ratchet Lever Hoist

Ratchet Lever HoistGet Quotation

Ratchet Lever Hoist

Hydraulic Hand Stackers

HOT Cranes for Construction Industry

Bow Shackles

Bow ShacklesGet Quotation

Bow Shackles